oh yes….

….yes yes yes yes yes looking forward to playing with the boys 😉


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Aw what!

damn and blast and many more sweary words….the site I hosted my mixes on has went down the tubes :( So guess what? Instead of having 40 odd deep funky house mixes for you to download on the mixes page there are now just three….which I suppose is the magic number….so yeh sadly till I find the time to upload the older mixes to another site that’s your lot….still, two deep house mixes (one with a bit of deep techno thrown in too for good measure) and one Hooker Barbie Roadshow bit of everything mix is better than none….that’s what I’m telling myself anyway….

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what a fine day….

….for some funk….finally found some time to revisit some of “my favourite things” for my upcoming mix for boxfrequency.fm

aw yeh baby!


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….and the living has been busy busy busy! Well better late than never but I’ve added a new summerly and lovely (if I say so myself) deep house mix on – you guessed it – the mixes page. It would appear that quality and not quantity has been the name of the game this year but hey ho, you can’t have everything….including extra hours in the day and days in the week….hope you enjoy the mix :)

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Hotter than July


well what a grand wee return to summer we’ve been having, long may it last :)

Phew it’s been all go for me, not long returned from a wee tour of the highlands catching up with some friends and subsequently enjoying my triumphant return to muckfm at a stormin party with my good dj pal Peter rabbit….mucho fun was had and it was weird getting used to chatting on the mike again….both of our sets from the highland hidehole are now on the red eye player at muckfm.com hooray!

I’ve got some cool wee gigs coming up soon at various parties all over the country and have my thinking cap firmly on planning my “favourite things” mix due for transmission on the 20th of October on boxfrequency.fm so plenty to keep me busy.

I’ve also been busy doing some mixing and there’s a new mix “Hotter than July” on the mixes page now….some recent deep house loveliness for your aural pleasure :) Another one coming soon so keep your eyes peeled on here for it :)

Love youse!


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